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we offer you various alternatives so that planning your dream wedding can be budget friendly. At The Wedding Co. we understand that your money is important to you, and therefore to us. Our extensive vendor network helps you get the finest wedding possible, always.

THE HR EVENT Get To Know Us Better.

The i-world Event Co. is a team of HR Events & Initiatives planners with the ability and passion to organize and execute economical yet exceptionally premium HR Events & Initiativess. Based out of London, their capabilities reach far and wide, covering local celebrations as well as destination HR Events & Initiativess. The HR Events & Initiatives Co. has an extensive network of resources, allowing for extraordinary and chic HR Events & Initiativess to take place at any location.

HR Events & Initiatives management and planning can be a daunting task for any bride and groom, or their families. And hence, The HR Events & Initiatives Co. thrives upon making the planning process as exciting and stress-free as possible. Our HR Events & Initiatives planners provide an in depth guidance to the families, managing from start to finish and planned to perfection, presenting a fresh perspective and novel approach to HR Events & Initiativess.

Being an extension of a premium event management company, I-WORLD EVENT, only adds that extra element to our overall management expertise. I-WORLD EVENT has a wide network and general brand reputation which benefits at every available opportunity.
Our expertise as HR Events & Initiatives organizers excels boundaries whilst keeping in mind traditional expectations. Together, we bring you a beautiful HR Events & Initiatives with memories that will surpass your expectations and be treasured for a lifetime. Every HR Events & Initiatives has a story to tell, what will yours say?